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"At least 50% of success in mid/final papers is about exam technique. Trying to do the mid/final paper without writing past papers under exam conditions is like trying to win the Olympic 100m by going for jogs".....and you're just one click away from solving that 50% of the problem!

Practicing Past Papers will certainly give you a good grasp on the type and phrasing of questions asked in exams. It also provides you with an idea of mark allocation by checking the memos and seeing where and how marks get allocated. Lastly, by testing yourself, you can evaluate what you still need to revise. Further, with the aid of the memos Parents have the facility to mark their younger teenagers work

We have hundreds of IEB and DOE past papers and also papers from various schools and teachers. These past papers and tests are set out under each subject and either have the memo next to the paper (as below) or are annotated 'inc memo'. There are many papers incorporated under each subject whereby the student may print out the selected paper, work on it and immediately check answers against the appropriate memo. It is very simple

5. gr.-10-IEB-geography-P1 gr.-10-IEB-geography-P1-memo

No need to look on the internet for hours, wait in queues at school to print, wait for teachers to find you papers or wait for parents help!

StudyZone is truly a Fantastic Site - a One Stop Site offering you all at the click of a button, anytime you need it. Look on the Left menu for other pertinent information that will assist you during High School

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